Home Remodeling

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

We are flexible in our approach to any given job, and will adapt our services to suit your requirements. carpet price The scenario outlined below is our typical method of operating, and this approach has worked well for over a thousand Courthouse Kitchen and Bath clients.

Phase One: Introduction and Design
1) Call us to discuss your remodeling project. We are one of the most experienced design/contracting teams in the region, and can typically give you immediate feedback over the phone about your project’s potential cost, and we can outline major considerations to you based on what you tell us you are setting out to achieve.

2) Schedule a time to visit our showroom. By calling and setting a time to visit, you’ll be assured of our dedicated attention to you. In our convenient, beautiful showroom, we will talk in detail about your project, discuss ideas, and we can make use of our complete room vignettes to provide specific illustrations of design ideas or considerations. With a more detailed view of the job based on this meeting, we can typically provide more specific information about costs. You will see first hand the fine array of products and cabinetry that we offer to fulfill most any style or function. You will also be able to see a pictorial of some of our past jobs, one or more of which may share similarities to your own.

3) Based on our meeting, if you feel our services are what you are seeking, we can provide you with references for our superb work, as many as you wish, as we have over one thousand from which to draw.

4) We will visit your house and see the room(s) to be renovated or constructed, and talk further about what design ideas may benefit your plan. We will gain a sense of the environment first hand so that we can formulate the most creative and appropriate design. Of course, at this visit we can take detailed measurements of the space in order to create a detailed plan. We can also follow up with any product or other information you may need to make your decision to hire our firm.

5) Following our visit, your designer/contractor will develop a complete, priced design plan, which will be presented to you at a follow-up meeting that typically occurs in our showroom. We have our industry’s leading computer CAD software and a large-screen color monitor in our meeting area, so for many jobs you will be able to see a color rendering of your proposed room from virtually any viewpoint. Note that not all design plans are best-suited for CAD, in which case your plans are drawn by hand.

6) We revise and refine your design until we achieve just what you want, at which time we document the plan via a signed contract, and at that point we order the materials and phase two of the process, the contracting and installation, is set to begin.

Phase Two: Contracting and Installation
1) Installations start, typically, anywhere from 2 to 4 months following contract signing depending on the materials chosen for the job and the availability of our installation teams.

2) All our teams are highly skilled, highly experienced, courteous, responsible, and prompt. You should expect no less courtesy or ability to communicate from any of your installers than you receive from your designer. Our field crews are the absolute best in the business, and your CKB designer/contractor maintains total responsibility for all the work that takes place in your home or property.

3) To the extent possible, CKB assigns one person as the lead installer for your job from start to finish. We find that this results in the highest quality of installation, for that person becomes intimately familiar with all technical aspects of your space (an existing wall a little out of plumb here, or a floor with a slight rise in it there…) and can formulate his installation methods and materials to suit your conditions to the optimum to achieve the finest final installation. Constant hand-offs or segregation of responsibility cannot deliver the quality that we attain by having one craftsman oversee your installation in its entirety.

4) Of course, we use specialty subcontractors for specialized tasks. For example, we use separate technicians for stone fabrication, hardwood floor installation, significant electrical or plumbing work, or other specialized tasks requiring specific, dedicated skills.

5) We accomplish your project to our own highest standards and your complete satisfaction.